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Hudson Valley Officiants Elopements

Traditional weddings and marriage ceremonies are incredibly expensive and can take years to plan. Traditional weddings and marriage ceremonies can also place a financial strain on couples and their families. 

Many couples are now choosing to Elope. Elopements in 2020 are very different from what we see on television. Couples are not packing a small suitcase, jumping in the car and then waking up the Justice of the Peace in the middle of the night to perform an elopement marriage ceremony. 

Elopement wedding & marriage ceremonies are easy to plan, less expensive and can be traditional or non-traditional. Elopement wedding & marriage ceremonies can have as many or as few elements as you wish. Elopement ceremonies can take place in our Hudson Valley Officiants Kingston office (see Picture below) or any location of your choice. Couples sometimes choose a small intimate elopement ceremony at their home, parents' home, park, beach, lake, vacation destination, steps of a church, waterfront, same location where they got engaged or perhaps even in the middle of Times Square.

Elopements are all about doing it your way. Elopements are about a personal intimate ceremony, Elopements are about focusing on your love, vows and ring exchange. Let's make it simple.....Elopements are about you!

Hudson Valley Officiants Elopement options (5-15 min in length)
Elopement A $150 - Our office, 8 guests max.
Elopement B $200 - Any non-venue in Kingston NY, 25 guests max.
Elopement C $300 - Any non-venue outside of Kingston NY, 25 guests max.

Additional Options
Add Religious elements $25.00
Add Unity Ceremonies $25.00
Add Personalized Frameable Marriage Certificate $15.00 
Add same day filing of Marriage License after ceremony (Kingston Only) $75.00

***Elopement marriage ceremonies do not include a rehearsal, wedding party, personalization, or any in-person meetings just telephone or email consultations. If you come to our office for an elopement wedding ceremony, please remember that we are not a wedding venue. No professional photographers, music, food or beverage are permitted. Additional travel fees apply beyond 30 miles each way from Kingston NY.

Hudson Valley Officiants Kingston in-office Elopements
Hudson Valley Officiants Kingston Elopement Ceremony location

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