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****COVID Regulations apply to Venues, Your backyard, Public Park****
**If you move your ceremony to a private location the same COVID regulations apply**

Coronavirus Policy
Hudson Valley Officiants Inc. has received many emails and calls in reference to the Coronavirus. Since we are responsible for hundreds of marriage ceremonies, we must be proactive and reduce the risk of possible exposure to our Officiants & Ministers, so that we can reduce the risk to our couples and their guests.
After listening to our couple’s concerns, suggestions and what they are doing to safeguard themselves and along with reviewing information from the (CDC) Center for Disease Control, WHO World Health Organization, NY State Department of Health, Governor Cuomo's office and speaking with our Physicians, legal and Insurance professionals, Hudson Valley Officiants Inc. in addition to handwashing and sanitizing, has adopted the following Coronavirus policy effective Thursday March 5, 2020. Of course, this policy will be reviewed and modified as we closely monitor the Coronavirus situation. (Updated June 1, 2020)

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Hudson Valley Officiants Inc. via email at or calling 845-248-2903 and ask for Reverend Louis.
Hudson Valley Officiants Inc. General Coronavirus Policy 1.3
Updated June 1, 2020

Couples Responsibility
If you are sick, not feeling well, have been or think you have been in contact with someone that would place Hudson Valley Officiants Inc., your guests, family, wedding party, venue staff, DJ, photographer, band, florist or any other individual in harm’s way, please inform us or them immediately. This way we know what precautions to take at future meetings and on the day of your ceremony.

Office Meetings
We are open. Office meetings are available.
Day of Ceremony arrival/departure (once restrictions are lifted)
Our arrival time is 30-60 minutes prior during COVID
Officiants & Ministers will depart directly after ceremony. Food blessing are temporarily discontinued.
Physical Social Contact
Physical contact with couples, wedding party and their guests will not involve any handshaking or congratulatory hugs.
Bridal Shows
As of April 4 2021, we are once again participating in Bridal Shows.

Wedding Postponement
If you choose to postpone your wedding due to COVID-19, Hudson Valley Officiants will allow a one time postponement and  your non-refundable deposit to be applied toward a future date within 1 year of your current wedding date. If the officiant you are currently booked with is not available, you will be assigned another of our officiants. If you choose not to accept another of our officiants, your non-refundable payments will remain non-refundable.

1-Deposits and payments are non-refundable but can be applied, 1 time only, toward a new date within 1 year from the original ceremony date on your contract.
2-If you would like the Reverend you are currently booked with to still officiate your ceremony, you would first check their availability and then coordinate with your venue and other vendors.
3-If you choose a date that your current officiant is not available, you will be assigned one of our other officiants or choose which of our available officiants you would like to now work with.
4-If you choose or are assigned one of our other officiants, you would meet them and get to know one another.
5-If you cancel our services for any reason, even after your 1st postponement, including that you wish not to work with one of our other officiants, your payments remain non-refundable and are subject to your original ceremony date and original cancellation penalties in your original contract. Please see Cancellations and also Officiant Substitutions Cause in your contract.
6-Wedding postponements are subject to any increase of fees for the new Date. Currently postponements for 2021 to 2022 and 2022 to 2023 are subject to a fee of $100.00.  

Hudson Valley Officiants Inc. Day of Ceremony Coronavirus Policy 1.0
Updated  September 5, 2020

The following COVID-19 Ceremony procedures must be followed.
1)     We are a NY State corporation and must follow NY State COVID regulations, even if we are officiating in any other state. During this period, NY State is limiting all gatherings to 25 OR FEWER at your home or private location and 100 or fewer at a Venue or Catering Facility, as per Executive Order 202.33.  As of March 15 2021 a maximum of 150 will be allowed at ceremonies and receptions. However, if at a venue, every guest must be tested for COVID. On site COVID testing by Venues may be an option. Please check with your venue. We will monitor if limits change and those changes will apply automatically.
2)     Social distancing of 6FT IS REQUIRED. If ceremony seats are not placed 6 FT apart, or grouped in 2's as a family unit and then separated 6 ft apart, we are unable to officiate the ceremony as social distancing regulations are not being followed.
3)     MASKS - For indoor & outdoor ceremonies masks are 100% required by anyone standing during the ceremony. This includes guests, venue staff, officiant, vendors, photographer, musician, DJ, and wedding/bridal party. Couple and parents may refrain from wearing a mask as they are a family unit. Wedding party walking down the aisle may refrain from wearing a mask if they are not paired together and separated 6ft apart.. Guests seated are not required to wear a mask as long as they are a family unit or their seats are placed 6ft apart. Once anyone stands, they are required to wear a mask. This is the same as if you are in a restaurant or shopping. 
4)     Our REVEREND must maintain a 6ft – 10ft distance from all couples and Must HAVE A MASK ON AT ALL TIMES.
5)     Hudson Valley Officiants are legally bound to follow all COVID-19 policies, in every state. If you have more than 10 guests at home or private location or more than 50 at a Venue for your reception (150 after March 15, 2021), they cannot be at the ceremony site. They must remain away from the actual ceremony and join later.
6)     Our Reverend will arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the ceremony.

7)     We will go over all ceremony details and procedures, via telephone, 30 or less days prior.
8)     Since we are unable to socialize during this period, Reverend will depart directly after the ceremony as LIMITED EXPOSURE IS REQUIRED OF OUR OFFICIANTS DURING COVID-19. 
9)     Reverend will file your license and email you a copy. NY State will send the legal version in 7-30 business days. If you have a virtual license, please let us know prior so we can explain virtual procedures.  

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