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Hudson Valley Officiants Elopement Love Package $150 - $350
Our elopement is a very loving ceremony. It can take place at our location, steps of a church, waterfront or any public or private location of your choice. Invite a few close friends or family members (less than 30) and make this a special moment you will always remember. An elopement does not include any rehearsal or wedding party and does not include personalization, religion or any in-person meetings. Elopement ceremonies usually last about 10 - 15 minutes. If you come to our office for an elopement ceremony, please remember that we are not a wedding venue. If the ceremony takes place in our office we only allow the couple and one or two witnesses. If the ceremony takes place in our waiting area we only allow 6 in total. If it takes place in our wedding garden we only allow 12 in total. If we come to your location you may have 30 or less guests.
  • Standard Non-Personalized, Non-Religious Wedding Ceremony
  • Filing of completed Marriage License after ceremony
  • $150 our Kingston location - (Mon-Thu)
  • $250 our Kingston location - (Fri-Sun)
  • $350 any day when we come to your location (less than 30 guests only)
  • Over 30 guests see our Silver, Silver Plus or Gold Packages
  • No charge for use of Kingston Wedding Garden - Spring/Summer only
  • $50.00 for use of our indoor space (only if we are setting chairs up)
  • Some Mileage charges apply, beyond 30 miles from Kingston 12401
  • No outside food or beverage is permitted
  • Handicapped facilities not available

Hudson Valley Officiants Silver Package   $495
The Silver package is perfect for any size wedding ceremony. This is more of a standard non-personalized and non-religious wedding ceremony. This package does not include in-person meetings, personalized vows, religious elements,
unity ceremonies or a wedding rehearsal.
  • Standard Non-Personalized Ceremony
  • No In-office Consultations
  • Non-religious & Non-personalized Wedding Ceremony
  • Standard Vows
  • Filing of completed Marriage License after ceremony.
  • See below for additional package options
  • Ceremony copy emails or hard copies of ceremonies not available
  • Some Mileage Charges apply beyond 30 miles from Kingston 12401 

Hudson Valley Officiants Silver Plus Package   $595
The Silver Plus package includes all the elements of our Silver Package as well as 1 Unity Ceremony, Religious or Non-Religious elements and 1 in-office consultation.
  • Standard Non-Personalized Ceremony
  • 1 in-office Consultation (optional)
  • Unity Ceremony (optional)
  • Religious or Non-Religious Elements
  • Standard Vows
  • Filing of completed Marriage License after ceremony
  • Ceremony copy emails or hard copies of ceremonies not available
  • Some Mileage Charges apply beyond 30 miles from Kingston 12401

Hudson Valley Officiants Bronze Package   $795
The Bronze package is a unique, handwritten & personalized ceremony. This is our most popular package. We will meet and discuss all the elements of your
ceremony. You will complete a questionnaire so we can find out more about you. And then we will compose your ceremony based on the two of you as a couple. You may include Religious or Non-Religious elements, unity ceremonies, readings, poems, and your own vows or standard vows.
  • Personalized Ceremony
  • 2 in-office Consultations (optional)
  • Unity Ceremonies (optional)
  • Religious or Non-Religious Elements
  • Personalized or Standard Vows
  • Readings or Poems
  • Filing of completed Marriage License after ceremony
  • Ceremony copy emails or hard copies of ceremonies not available
  • Some Mileage Charges apply beyond 30 miles from Kingston 12401

Hudson Valley Officiants Gold Package $995
The gold package is our top personalized package. If you are looking to make sure that everything goes perfectly, this package should be your choice. We will meet with you and customize your ceremony from beginning to end, you can write your own vows or use standard vows, include unity ceremonies, readings, poems, and religious or non-religious elements. We will blend your ideas and ours and
create a personalized ceremony that you and your guests will remember for many years. Best of all, this package includes a rehearsal to make sure your wedding days is stress free.
  • Personalized Ceremony
  • Unlimited  Consultations (optional)
  • Multiple Email & Telephone Consultations
  • Rehearsal
  • Unity Ceremonies
  • Religious Elements or Non-Religious elements
  • Readings or Poems
  • Standard or your own written vows
  • Filing of completed marriage license after ceremony
  • Ceremony copy emails or hard copies of ceremonies not available
  • Some Mileage charges apply beyond 30 miles from Kingston 12401 

Officiant Platinum Package  with Ceremony Photography $1799
The Platinum package includes every item to make your wedding ceremony special and complete. In addition to all other Gold services, it also includes 100 photographs of your ceremony. The photographs are edited, placed on disc and music added by one of our skilled & trained officiants or photographers.
  • Personalized Ceremony
  • Unlimited Consultations (optional)
  • Multiple Email & Telephone Conversations
  • Rehearsal
  • Unity Ceremonies
  • Religious or Non-religious elements
  • Readings or Poems
  • Standard or your own written vows
  • Up to 100 Photographs of ceremony, edited and placed on disc.
  • Filing of completed Marriage License after ceremony
  • Ceremony copy emails or hard copy of ceremonies not available
  • Some Mileage charges apply beyond 30 miles from Kingston 12401

Vow Renewal Ceremonies $125-$970 
There can be no better time than an anniversary or special day to celebrate and reaffirm your love for one another. This is not a legal ceremony; however it is the ultimate and most romantic way to tell your spouse or partner that you still love them. It is a meaningful, emotional and loving vow renewal ceremony where you rededicate your lives and love to one another.When you renew your wedding vows you re-open your hearts, acknowledge your love and life-long commitment. All wedding Vow Renewal Ceremonies include a professional Vow Renewal Certificate.
  • $125.00 - See Elopement Love Package Above
  • $225.00 - See Elopement Love Package Above
  • $325.00 - See Elopement Love Package Above
  • $470.00 - See Silver Package Above
  • $570.00 - See Silver Plus Package Above
  • $670.00 - See Bronze Package Above
  • $970.00 - See Gold Package Above 
 Commitment & Civil Union Ceremonies $150-$1799
Commitment wedding Ceremonies are available for those who cannot marry for legal reasons or choose not to marry for personal reasons. A commitment marriage ceremony can be performed as simple elopement or as part of a large wedding celebration. All our packages apply to Commitment Ceremonies; however do not include the filing of a legal marriage license.
This is a wonderful opportunity to create an everlasting bond between two people in love and a Certificate of Commitment is also included in all our Commitment or Civil Union Ceremonies.
Blessings & Other Services
House Blessing $295
The home is a sacred place where people gather in close relationships and extend hospitality and love. House blessings, whether for a new home or one currently occupied, has been a part of all cultures since the beginning of time. The house blessing ceremony usually includes the blessing of each room with individual prayers, blessings and the sprinkling of Holy Water or burning of sage. Blessing a home clears any negative energy and creates a sacred space for all things positive in your life. This is the perfect way to start a new beginning or a new chapter in your life. 
Business Blessing $325
Starting a business requires a major investment and many hours of devotion. A new business has many challenges, problems and negative energy that may hamper the chance of success. The business blessing ceremony clears any negative forces and provides protection and harmony for the success of your business.
Baby Naming or Blessing $395
Also known as baptism or christening these ceremonies celebrate the miraculous arrival of your child.This is a time when all who will play a role in your child's life such as parents, siblings, grandparents, godparents, friends and family come together to name, bless and celebrate. Ceremonies can be religious, non-denominational or secular.
Adoption Ceremony $395
Adoption is a special time in life when a child transitions from one parent to another. Whether our children arrive through birth or adoption, they represent the gift of life and a new beginning. People have always rejoiced in the coming of their children. An adoption ceremony is a special way to celebrate the moment when you and your child begin life together. The ceremony may include birth and adoptive parents or just the adoptive parents, family and friends. Ceremonies may include blessings, readings, music and may also be combined with a naming ceremony.
Funerals / Memorials ($ call for details)
Saying goodbye to a loved one can be a complex and emotionally draining time. The passing of a loved one can disrupt our normal thought process making it difficult to find the right words to express our feelings. Emotions are intense and the task of making funeral arrangements, in such a short period, can seem overwhelming. As ordained interfaith and non-denominational ministers we can make this task more bearable. With compassion, support and empathy, we can create a service that honors, celebrates and recalls the joy and memories of your loved one. This is a time to be gentle. It is a time to invite family and friends to express their grief and reflect upon their relationship to the loved one. Your service may include elements of your spiritual or religious beliefs or none at all.
 Additional Package Options/Charges 
1) In-person consultations (at your location) $100.00
3) Unity, Sand, Wine or any special ceremonies (you supply items) $75.00
4) Unity, Sand, Wine or any special ceremonies (we supply items) $175.00
5) Rehearsal $300.00
6) Gold & Red Velvet Ring Box use $45.00
7) Full Religious Ceremony with blessings, readings, & communion $975.00
8) Multiple traditional wedding customs $200.00
9) 100 photographs of your ceremony, edited, placed on disc $925.00
10) Mileage charges - please call us directly
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