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Reverend Louis Zeppone - "Say I DO with Rev. Lou"
Hudson Valley Officiant, Westchester Officiant Reverend Louis Zeppone of Hudson Valley OfficiantsHudson Valley Officiants was founded by Reverend Louis Zeppone and he is the owner and principal officiant here at Hudson Valley Officiants. Reverend Louis was Ordained into Priesthood in 2007. After continued Interfaith Studies he was further Ordained in 2009 under Reverend Daniel Chesbro and The Sanctuary of the Beloved. It is at this time that he began his practice as an Officiant & Interfaith Minister. He specializes in civil, interfaith, religious, non-religious, traditional, non-traditional and same-sex marriage and is legally licensed to practice in all of the United States, Caribbean and Europe.

Reverend Louis Zeppone of Hudson Valley Officiants, Hudson Valley LGBTQ Ceremonies Rev. Louis Zeppone is of Italian background and originally from New Jersey where he attended Catholic school and studies. He is very family oriented and believes that one should try their best and never give up on life and love. As a young adult he cared for the elderly in Nursing homes and hospitals. He also spent many years studying computer and information systems sciences. However, he has always been customer service driven and loves working directly with people and animals. Reverend Louis Zeppone is married and now resides in the Hudson Valley Region of New York State.
Hudson Valley Officiant Reverend Louis Zeppone of Hudson Valley officiantsReverend Louis respects all religious beliefs and the right
of every person to love and marry regardless of sexual orientation. He is extremely laid back, easy going, nonjudgmental, has a great smile and sense of humor. He believes all creatures, human and animal deserve the love, respect, support and acknowledgment that life on earth offers. His favorite quote is "Now is the time to come together, let us live honestly and love unconditionally".
 Reverend Aniceto (Jun) America - "Getting married soon, call Rev. Jun" 
Reverend Aniceto America of Hudson Valley Officiants, Hudson Valley LGBTQ CeremoniesWe are Lucky to have a Filipino Minister as part of Hudson Valley Officiants. Although Reverend Aniceto is now an Interfaith Officiant & Minister, he brings the knowledge of many years of catholic and interfaith studies. Reverend Aniceto was ordained into Priesthood through The Sanctuary of the Beloved under Reverend Daniel Chesbro. He is legally licensed to practice in all of the United States.
Reverend Aniceto America of Hudson Valley Officiants
Reverend Aniceto is married and resides in the Catskill Region of New York State. He brings to us the knowledge of many cultures such as Filipino, Spanish and American. He has a wonderful calming and healing personality, is very family and relationship oriented and loves animals. Rev. Aniceto is also a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master. Reverend Aniceto is our only Licensed Officiant & Minister that can not only heal you spiritually, but also heal your body with physical touch.
Hudson Valley Officiant Reverend Aniceto America of Hudson Valley Officiants
Reverend Aniceto loves all living creatures on earth. He believes that everyone has the right to worship the higher power and marry the person of their choice. He is licensed to practice in all of the United States, Caribbean & Europe.

Reverend Aniceto is also fluent in Filipino or Tagalog and performs all types of ceremonies such as non-religious, religious, interfaith, nondenominational, and specializes in Filipino wedding traditions such as the Veil, Cord, Coins and Candle ceremonies.

Reverend Amos Maldonado - "Got the Bling, give Rev Amos a Ring" 
Hudson Valley Officiant Reverend Amos Maldonado of Hudson Valley Officiants
Hudson Valley Officiants is pleased to have Reverend Amos Maldonado as part of our family. He is fully bilingual and conducts all types of semi-religious and non-religious ceremonies. Rev. Amos resides in Orange County NY and travels all over New York State, Connecticut and New Jersey conducting weddings. He has a close family relationship and believes that marriage brings families close together.
Rev. Amos grew up with his parents in Williamsburg, NY until age 11 and moved to Manati, Puerto Rico where he learned the importance of his Puerto Rican heritage and the strong bond of family values.  At the age of 17, Rev. Amos graduated from High School and joined the US Army.  Rev. Amos is proud to have served and defend his country with honor and pride.  
After his military service, Reverend Amos Maldonado graduated from Colegio Universitario De Justicia Criminal de Puerto Rico in 1996 with an Associate’s Degree in Political Science.  Rev. Amos Maldonado served 3 years as a Puerto Rico Police Officer.  While serving as an officer, Rev. Amos Maldonado worked hand in hand with the community, especially protecting the safety of locals and tourists getting married. In the year 2000, Rev. Amos moved to New Haven, Connecticut to pursue a career in the United States Postal Service and in 2010, Rev. Amos moved to the Hudson Valley to continue his career with the United States Army at West Point Military Academy.
After extensive training under Reverends Louis Zeppone & Reverend Aniceto America, Rev. Amos was ordained through The Sanctuary of the Beloved, under Reverend Daniel Chesbro. Reverend Amos is legally licensed to practice in all the United States. Reverend Amos Maldonado believes that his career within the government has helped him create and establish good communicative skills, which has given him the ability to compose and perform beautiful wedding ceremonies.

Reverend Donna Smallwood

"Ready to Love, Cherish & Honor, call Rev. Donna"
Hudson Valley Officiant Reverend Donna Smallwood of  Hudson Valley OfficiantsReverend Donna fills a much needed female Officiant &
Minister role at Hudson Valley Officiants. Rev. Donna was
ordained into Priesthood through Universal Ministries and then by Reverend Daniel Chesbro and The Sanctuary of the Beloved. She is legally licensed to practice in all of the United States.

Reverend RoseMary Sforza of Hudson valley Officiants, Hudson Valley LGBTQ Ceremonies
Reverend Donna was born & raised in Massachusetts and currently resides in Ulster County New York. She grew up in a very close knit family. She is married and has 4 children and
7 grandchildren. Family is very important to Reverend Donna and she is a caring, loving and patient Officiant & Minister.

Because of her background in the mental health field, her people skills are exceptional. Helping others discover the beauty that marriage offers is her utmost priority, this is demonstrated in the beautiful personalized ceremonies that she composes.

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